Community development at the heart of collaborative working between village and estate

A meeting, which took place on 2nd September 2020 between members of Leadhills Community Company Ltd (LCCL) and representatives  of Leadhills Estate, set out to develop a partnership approach in which the village and the Estate will work together towards a more sustainable future for the area.

Chaired by John Ralph, Company Secretary of LCCL and attended by Andrew Hopetoun for Leadhills Estate, the group discussed ways in which community development possibilities could be explored to the mutual benefit of the Estate and the village community. 

Projects discussed included a new toilet and rest facilities block in the village which many believe will underpin the visitor experience. The Estate was enthusiastic to work with LCCL at an appropriate site, and LCCL was already progressing plans. 

As an additional project, the development of the old stable block in the centre of the village will offer business and visitor facilities.   The Estate committed to underwrite the cost of an updated survey of the building with a view to taking this to the next stage.

The LCCL reiterated the value of the nearby Glen Franka Reservoir as a local amenity and encouraged the Estate to participate in future dialogue on proposals for developing the area around the reservoir.  This was welcomed by Andrew Hopetoun, who reiterated the historic and ecological value of the Glen Franka area and advised that the Estate is  consulting on structural work to the dam in accordance with new regulatory demands. 

The meeting was felt to be a promising precursor to future partnerships in more ambitious schemes supporting sustainable development of the village and its surroundings.