Estate Lends a Hand on Gala Day

Leadhills Gala Day 2014 105

Leadhills Gala took place on 9th August at Drill Park and the Estate was pleased to be able to lend a hand when some very special performers were in need of help.  The famous ‘Imps Junior Motorbike Team’ from London – who were en-route back from Inverness when they very kindly stopped in to perform at the gala – found themselves in a bit of a pickle when they couldn’t reach the Drill park with their equipment.  Cue Billy Steel Jnr and the Leadshills Estate tractor! Billy managed to get everything up to the park just in time for the Imps’ much anticipated performance.  We know everyone in Leadhills thought it was a great day, with perfect weather, and the Estate was pleased to be part of the event.