Leadhills Hedgehog Help House

More than 15 years ago Greta Clark’s husband Charlie was digging in his vegetable garden at the Scots Mining Company House in Leadhills when a tiny baby hedgehog crossed his path. He took it indoors to Greta who realised it needed care to survive. Further hoglets appeared that year and so began Greta’s work as the pre-eminent hedgehog carer and expert in South Lanarkshire! She is registered as the volunteer contact for the area with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

Since taking in their first ‘patient’ Greta and Charlie have looked after hundreds of hedgehogs with help from the local primary school, residents from Leadhills and nearby villages as well as expert, professional help from the Two Rivers veterinary practice in Biggar.

2022 witnessed the first use of the newly-built hedgehog house in the grounds of the Scots Mining Company House, built with funding from Clyde Windfarm. This shelter was sorely needed as 20 hogs were looked after for varying periods over the winter of 2021/22. This current year has been very busy owing to poor and extreme weather. Hedgehogs in unprecedented numbers have needed help from April/May onwards, in addition to the existing residents that were looked after all during the winter. Wherever possible all hedgehogs that survive and thrive are released back into the wild, either where they were originally found or in the large grounds of the Scots Mining Company House. Greta will continue to help any hedgehog brought to her.

The Leadhills Hedgehog Help House has a help day every Wednesday from 2-3pm. Anyone is welcome to come and help or to just to see our little, prickly friends!

Greta can be contacted on 01659 74246