Scottish Monkey Flower – Stirling University – Final Report

We have been very lucky to have hosted a recent study by biologist Dr Mario Vallejo-Marin from the University of Stirling. Dr Vallejo-Marin’s research has been focused on a new species of Scottish monkey flower, created by the union of two foreign plant species on the bank of a Leadhills stream.

Ancestors of the original plants would have been brought from the America in the 1800’s. These plants were quickly adopted by Victorian gardeners which would have escaped the confines of British gardens and are now found growing in the wild along banks of rivers and streams.

The biologist has documented the first examples of hybrid monkey flowers which have overcome genetic barriers. Dr Vallejo- Marin said “This is an exciting opportunity to study evolution as it happens. We do not yet know how common the new species is and how well it will fare”.

Dr Vallejo-Marin’s final report is attached to this post.

Monkey Flower Report – Stirling Uni