University Professor To Study Mimulus Peregrinus

Mimulus peregrinus

Mimulus peregrinus growing along the banks of Glenogonnar Water near the village of Leadhills

A new species of plant has been discovered in and around the area surrounding Leadhills Estate.  This exciting discovery has lead to a project being granted permission to conduct a study of the plant, known as Mimulus peregrinus.

The study commences in November and will be conducted by Professor Mario Vellejo Marin from the University of Stirling and will look at the characteristics that allow this new species to thrive.

Mimulus PeregrinusThe field experiment will involve planting Mimulus peregrinus in field plots near Leadhills to compare how well it grows relative to other Mimulus.  The general idea is to find out whether Mimulus peregrinus has the characteristics that may allow it to become more widespread in the future.  Measurements taken will include plant size, flower colour and seed production.
A spokesperson from Leadhills Estate said “It’s always exciting when new species are found even more so when it’s found in Leadhills. When Professor Mario Vellejo Marin got in touch we were delighted to welcome him on the Estate and provide him with a site for the study to take place. We look forward to hearing more once the results are published.”